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Why SPOTLESS CASTLES OF NY Succeeds in Astoria

Our dedication for many years has been to perform an excellent residential cleaning service which has allowed SPOTLESS CASTLES OF NY to grow into the positive Astoria business it is today. Our cleaning crew may be relatively small compared to some large cleaning companies, but it is this aspect that allows us to have a friendly, caring, down to earth approach which, combined with our outstanding service, has gained us so many repeat customers.

We Work Hard for our Customers

SPOTLESS CASTLES OF NY makes a point of having a walk-through with our clients before the cleaning project begins specifically to raise any issue or follow up on any concerns they have.  If you have special antique or imported pieces we will make sure to use the right product for the situation so it is gently but meticulously handled and cleaned.  If the client has any allergies or health concerns we minimize the use of commercial cleaning products, instead we bring our homemade organic blends/mixtures that are 100% toxins free.  As a pet friendly cleaning company, SPOTLESS CASTLES OF NY will be glad to discuss the best strategy for making your pets comfortable while we get your home spotless.

Our Cleaning Crew are the Key Element of our Company

Our clients’ peace of mind is important to us. All of our cleaning crew are thoroughly trained and have many years of experience.  They pay attention to details and are very careful when performing any type of cleaning, but if by chance some damage occurs we will contact you immediately and resolve the matter to your satisfaction. SPOTLESS CASTLES OF NY is fully insured, licensed, and bonded so our Astoria clientele can rest easy knowing that they are completely covered.

Get in Contact with Us Today

We understand that the people of Astoria don’t just trust anyone with their belongings and we take our customers’ expectations very seriously.  If you are looking for an affordable, reliable and efficient service to keep your place looking its best then please contact SPOTLESS CASTLES OF NY today.  Our friendly and professional staff is waiting to hear from you.